Suite K Receiving Requirements

Shipments sent to Suite-K on behalf of Formula XO/ILLUMAI need to conform to the following packing and shipping requirements

Ship to:
Formula XO, Inc.
c/o Suite K, Inc.
161 Docks Corner Rd
South Brunswick, NJ 08810

Delivery Schedule and Appointments: Deliveries will be scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.All appointments for receiving must call 609.655.6890, Ext. 213 during regular business hours to schedule all in-bound freight. If an expedited shipment, contact should be made to the receiving manager at 609.655.6890, Ext. 103.

Appointments.  No appointment time will be given without first sending a copy of the incoming packing list. The packing list can be faxed to 732-274-2804.

Send Packing List First; Packing List Contents.

  • Item #,
  • Item description
  • Quantity
  • Manufacturing Batch/Lot and expiration dates (if applicable)

Trucks Permitted
All trucks must be of normal warehouse height for unloading at the dock doors only.
Van deliveries may necessitate additional charges for manual unloading.

Incoming Material Pallet and Carton Specs:

  • Must be palletized
  • Pallets must be a minimum “Grade B” - GMAC pallet
  • All pallets must be stretch wrapped and secured to pallet
  • No double stacked pallets
  • No Mixed items on pallets unless properly separated – Maximum (4) items per pallet
  • No metal banding on pallets or cartons.
  • Sender’s name and address should be on the outside of the lead carton
  • Cartons should have "direction" arrows (recommended)
  • Cartons should have "burst seals"
  • Cartons should have reinforced tamper proof tape (printed tape preferred)

Pallet Height: (Including Pallet):

  • Finished Goods- 48” Maximum / Components- 72” Maximum

Individual Cartons Labeling.   Each carton must have (strictly enforced):

  • PO #
  • Item Number
  • Product Description,
  • Quantity (and unit of measurement)
  • Batch / Lot # / Exp. Date (When Applicable)

Failure to comply will result in a vendor violation charge and/or refusal of the freight itself.  Minimum violation consists of one-hour labor charge and materials.

Shipper Labels Size and Placement -

  • Label size should be 2" x 3" (5cm x 7.5cm). Max size of 2" x 4" (5cm x 10cm) when needed for information or to accommodate carton size
  • Each carton should have two labels
  • Labels should be placed in upper left hand corner of the longest sides of cartons

Label Information should include:

  • SKU#: (in a larger, bold font; suggested size 16)
  • DESCRIPTION: QTY: (Required = total # of pcs within carton)
    (Preferred - include breakdown of carton/inners; i.e., 4 x3)
  • Batch #: ___________
  • Manufacture Date: ____________
  • Shift: ___________ (if applicable)
  • UPC# + BAR CODE (if applicable)

Small Parcel(s):

Inbound receipts from UPS and Fed-Ex should have “DOOR 50” written on the packing slip and the package(s). This gives the heads up to the receiving department to let them know that this product should be either put into stock or given to a specific person (Be sure to note individual in ATTN line if intended for particular person).