Samples, Samples!

by Wayne Willis on December 10, 2014

Before we got our final packaging, we wanted to give out some samples to potential partners in Illumai. So, in late Spring, 2014, we built "Salon Samples" in plain bottles and tubes, with printed, adhesive labels. This is what they looked like:

salon samples

The formulations inside the bottles and tubes were "final." They worked great.

But the packaging wasn't consistent with the luxury positioning of the company or the products. We really needed our final packaging to do that. This design is really elegant and gets lots of excitement and praise from salon owners and others involved in presenting the brand to end users.

Here's what that design looks like now:

Current Packaging
Now the question arises, when we send out samples, which ones do we send? I'd like to use up the old "Salon Samples" when talking with salons or other people interested in the retail presentation of the brand. I want to make sure they understand that they will actually get the new, sexy packaging. The formulations are the same in both cases.

It's a case by case decision.

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