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by Wayne Willis on January 5, 2014

A/B Testing Shampoos

A/B Testing Shampoos

We are tweaking the formulations of our two shampoo revolutionary products and need volunteers to test them.  This will be a paid trial.  Update: Completed Trial.

The Luminse shampoos are derived from research done by Dr. Michael Zasloff, an internationally recognized medical professional.  The Company is refining their patent-pending approach to hair care for commercial launch in Summer 2014.

"Participants" in this research should be US-based men and women who buy "premium-priced" shampoos. "Premium-priced" is defined as costing more than $20 per regular-sized bottle.

The January trials start right away.  Participants will use different combinations of the test shampoos and conditioners  six consecutive times.  There will be an initial questionnaire (12 questions) about hair history and a final questionnaire (25 questions) summarizing your overall experiences.  There is a short 10-question survey after each of the six uses.  All questionnaires are online and available by computer or smartphone.

Compensation is $50 paid to the Participant or their favorite charity.

To opt-in, please go to and fill out a short application.  We will respond with instructions regarding next steps.

What's in it for the Participants?  Well, we hope they want to help us develop The Best versions of our products by giving honest feedback.  We hope that early access to these products -- being a sort of insider -- will be interesting.  We hope the $50 stipend is fair -- after all, we are asking them to disrupt their routine and give thoughtful, complete feedback. (We want to have Participants who feel fairly treated ... not exploited; in return, we hope we get fair and honest feedback, not the uncaring responses of a mercenary.)

So, if you have the time and the interest, please go to please go to and fill out the short application.

And feel free to pass this information along to others who may have an interest.


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