Wayne Willis


by Wayne Willis on January 1, 2016

My New Year’s Resolution: Simplify simplify life simplify writing While “simplify life” means to avoid clutter and distraction (and add that which is meaningful), particular attention will go to my communications.   These seem like good guides per George Orwell in  ‘Politics and the English language’: Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which […]

Samples, Samples!

by Wayne Willis on December 10, 2014

Before we got our final packaging, we wanted to give out some samples to potential partners in Illumai. So, in late Spring, 2014, we built “Salon Samples” in plain bottles and tubes, with printed, adhesive labels. This is what they looked like: The formulations inside the bottles and tubes were “final.” They worked great. But […]

A/B Testing Shampoos We are tweaking the formulations of our two shampoo revolutionary products and need volunteers to test them.  This will be a paid trial.  Update: Completed Trial. The Luminse shampoos are derived from research done by Dr. Michael Zasloff, an internationally recognized medical professional.  The Company is refining their patent-pending approach to hair care for commercial […]

Contract Manufacturing

by Wayne Willis on September 7, 2013

We took a tour today of a contract manufacturer who may be given the contract to make Luminse® products — our shampoos and conditioners.  We visited Precious Cosmetics in Lodi, NJ.   After talking through the various scenarios of how to produce the different products, we found one that we like:  First, because we have to synthesize our […]

UPDATE #3: As of 3/1/14, we have a new name! Illumai … which we think will support our plans much better than “Luminse” could — mostly for legal reasons. (We can get clear access to a registered trademark and protect it well.)   Further, we have all the social media sites … @Illumai is our […]

I’m a big fan of the Persuasive Technologies Lab at Stanford, and “The Hook” is the best framework and model I’ve seen derived from their work.  The Hook addresses the dynamic development of habit/loyalty/engagement with a brand … and I mean “dynamic” in the root sense of the term: how a user develops commitment to your offering over […]

As a “Mentor” with Founders’ Institute, I get to see many presentations of ideas for new businesses. Other Mentors and I often comment on the basic components of the business plan — product features, target market, competitive factors, financing and so on, but I’ve increasingly noticed that we suggest changes to the business model. The […]

Website Designer Needed!

by Wayne Willis on August 10, 2012

One of our companies is looking for a website designer to help with the relaunch of a website … with a business that has grown beyond the old website.  The listing: “We’ve sketched out much of the content and the interaction we have in mind – and uploaded it onto a WordPress site so we […]