Website Designer Needed!

by Wayne Willis on August 10, 2012

One of our companies is looking for a website designer to help with the relaunch of a website … with a business that has grown beyond the old website.  The listing:

"We’ve sketched out much of the content and the interaction we have in mind – and uploaded it onto a WordPress site so we can see it and talk about it.  The site is somewhat ugly, though.  And we KNOW that our presentation and approaches are not as good as they should be. 

That’s where you come in.

We need and want someone with strong graphic design capabilities who can understand what we are trying to accomplish … and then we want him/her to suggest the overall layout of the site, along with the details of the actual page (type) layouts -- color, fonts, sizes, columns, and basic presentation of content and interaction.  We need your thoughts and design for the home page, support pages, posts, sidebar ideas/layout, and how we might present different calls to action.

This is a business-to-business site, meant primarily for lead generation and credibility enhancement. Our target customer is a Baby Boomer business owner.  

We aren’t planning for content that’s dynamic, cool, trendy, interactive or social.  Our main “call to action” will be asking for email addresses so that we can keep people update on our services and information they may want about the problem our clients have.  “Download our whitepaper” is about as sexy as we get.

We do plan to create and present some video content: One video will be approximately 2 minutes summarizing  “the problem we address, what we do and why you should care.”   We have ideas for more videos, but no specific plans.

We’ve budgeted $1000 and think this can be done in 12 hours plus or minus, but we are open to your ideas for both reduced scope and increased scope."

Please contact:

Wayne Willis,  650.428.1395

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