General Membership Information

If you qualify, please sign up for Membership here.

Membership in Nodal Partners is limited to people who will be able to help our Candidate Companies or our Portfolio Companies with either "business development" or "corporate development."

"Business development"  means helping Portfolio Companies find or close major commercial relationships with suppliers, distributors, customers or ecosystem partners.    "Corporate development"  means helping with fundraising, M&A deals or successful sale of our investment.

Contact Wayne or one of the other Members of Nodal Partners for further information.

Benefits of Membership:

  • access to the networks of the other Members for business development deals;
  • access to good investments and the due diligence / vetting by Wayne and other Members;
  • having Wayne or another Member monitor the investment once investment is made; and
  • getting “Development Points” (which become warrants or stock in the Portfolio Company) for providing business development, corporate development, advice, diligence,  or monitoring for Portfolio Companies.

Duties (all voluntary, non-exclusively):

  • referring good Candidate Companies to Nodal Partners;
  • investing in (or committing to invest in) Portfolio Companies;
  • introducing Portfolio Companies to potential business partners  and assisting in business development or corporate development transactions;
  • assisting in due diligence of Candidate Companies; and
  • collaborating with other Members on their business deals (with no participation by Nodal Partners).

Confidential information re:  Portfolio Companies and other "Members Only" materials are available after login.