Best Practices For Boards and CEOs

This section will capture the most recent posts which speak to Board of Directors issues, and advice for investors, management, lawyers and others involved in “good governance” of an organization. Because most our our work is with private companies, advice regarding best practices intended for entrepreneurs, founders and investors involved in those companies is also included.

It sometimes gets confusing to work with a company and  label the role you are in.  There are important distinctions and expectations: Investor – This one should be clear and easily determined.  “You pays your money and you takes your chances.”   Especially as an angel investor, you don’t have “control” in the form of board […]

“If one man tells you you are a horse ignore him. If two men tell you you are a horse think about it. If three men tell you you are a horse – buy a saddle.” – old proverb In the past 6 weeks or so, several friends recommended I be more explicit about being […]


One of my culture heroes is Keith Ferrazzi, whose book, Never Eat Alone, delighted me by amplifying and extending some un-crystallized thoughts I’d had about “networking” — as that term is used  in the phrase “come to the event; it’s a good place for ‘networking’.” Let me call this activity “interpersonal networking” to distinguish it […]