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It sometimes gets confusing to work with a company and  label the role you are in.  There are important distinctions and expectations: Investor – This one should be clear and easily determined.  “You pays your money and you takes your chances.”   Especially as an angel investor, you don’t have “control” in the form of board […]

I went to an event last week that reminded me why I love living and working in Silicon Valley.  I’m going to describe it in some detail so that my friends from Ohio and New York can get a glimpse into this ecosystem. The event was a Meetup event hosted by Hackers & Founders entitled […]

I went early to an event profiled here to see the companies presenting at the “Startup Fair.”   Here they are, in no particular order.  My pictures of some of the exhibitors is below Vidcaster – these folks help companies and individuals publish their video content and maintain control of many aspects of presentation and distribution. browserling  –  […]

Notes From Panel Discussion

by Wayne Willis on January 28, 2012

At the Hackers and Founders event profiled here, there were two speaking events — a panel discussion and a “fireside chat” with Ben Horowitz.  These are the note from the first panel The participants were: John Berkeley (LinkedIn bio)is a polished business person – CEO, EIR, exec at Oracle now SVP of Product at Responsys.  […]

[Opt7_Microdata_Person_805335782]was CTO of a company I once led, and he recently brought me a request I can’t respond to. Can you help? Jacek’s been granted two patents. The first is Patent No. 7,263,381. I linked to it below. The second patent is a part of two-part divisional patent, where the first part is in the […]

“If one man tells you you are a horse ignore him. If two men tell you you are a horse think about it. If three men tell you you are a horse – buy a saddle.” – old proverb In the past 6 weeks or so, several friends recommended I be more explicit about being […]


Update (5/30/11) In early April we completed a market analysis of creating and running a web-based service that would help “Companies” manage their stock option programs.  I’ve noticed that many businesses waste a lot of time and money dealing with options’ management.  Rather than repeat the advice and help I give early stage CFOs (and […]


Aviva Cuyler, CEO and founder of JDSupra, is looking for a Sales Pro to sell into the legal markets.  Any suggestions? Wayne, Do you know a sales professional who would help JD Supra grow its client base?  The primary product we sell is targeted delivery of law firm generated content to prospective clients, referrals and […]