Welcome To Nodal Partners

We are a network of experienced operating executives and investors who have worked and invested over the past 20 years in a number of companies that benefited from the network revolution now underway.   We advise, and make private investments in,  early-stage and emerging growth companies which at least one of our Members knows well, often through prior relationships with the company, its management team or its other investors.

Our focus is in "network-service-based" businesses (hence the name "Nodal," explained elsewhere in this site), as we believe the long-term trend favors those who can manage the increasing interconnectedness of business and social life on networks.   Understanding the graph of these relationships and networks can reveal superior opportunities for business and other success.

Believing in the power of our own personal networks (and recognizing the limitations of formally organized angel groups), we seek to assist early-stage and growth companies with advice, contacts and investment on an as-needed basis.  Broadly speaking we help early-stage and emerging, network-service-based companies with

  • business development (key deals for your company),
  • corporate development (financings, acquisitions, sale) and
  • investment (our own investment in your company).

Our founder and managing partner, Wayne Willis, is an experienced operating executive, investor, board member and adviser (bio).  Our other partners and Members have worked or invested, sometimes with each other, in network-service-based businesses like telecommunications, consumer internet, health-care support services, for-profit education, and legal services delivery systems.